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"I had the pleasure of meeting Made back in 2010 when I was new to Bali. Made was my private driver and tour guide. Of course, over the years and time shared in Bali, Made is now my friend. Made is friendly, happy, consistent, reliable, honest and a skilled driver. He makes you feel comfortable and he speaks English, which is a bonus. Made has knowledge of his island, its roads, nature, culture and spiritual life that Bali has to offer. No matter who I introduce to Made, they end up making friends with him and have no hesitation referring him to close friends to be their trustworthy connection in Bali.


Besides the tours and driving, Made is a great cook. He even holds private cooking classes in his village with his beautiful wife Komang. It is such a great way to experience village life and authentic Bali cuisine - fresh from the markets and locally grown. It doesn't matter what your preference is. He has a dish to satisfy all taste buds from vegetarian to fish, seafood and meat - all catered for and seriously delicious! Enak makan! So without hesitation, I highly recommend Made to you. No matter what your needs, he will find a way to meet them with integrity! Thank you Made. I look forward to the next adventures in Bali with you again. Sampai jumpa lagi and suksimoh. (I’ll see you again and thank you.)" - Jasmine Spahic Oneness

"One of my wishes while in Bali for three weeks was to have a cooking lesson of Indonesian food. Especially, I wanted to learn the secret behind a great peanut sauce. My son wanted to learn to cook mie goreng. I was introduced to Made while he was driving a friend…and she dropped into the conversation that Made is a great cook and can teach!!! YAY! So it was arranged to spend a day with Made. Our time with Made was lovely…pick up at hotel, then off to the markets to buy food. Made is keen to share what the different fruits and vegetables are, along with his knowledge about the health benefits. Let food be thy medicine is something I admire about Balinese culture.


Back to Warung Nike for a coffee while Made prepares our bikes. Off we go on a gentle journey from his village through another visiting the local elementary school with delightful children greeting us and sharing some joy together. On we go past the temple and down to the rice fields. I have gained a wonderful understanding from Made of this major crop that grows bountifully in Bali. Watching the women cultivate the cut rice stalks down to just the rice was fascinating. And the privilege of getting off the beaten track on bicycles was an unexpected highlight of our day with Made.


Next stop café Warung Nike. The purpose of the day! Cooking lesson. Within moments of getting back, Made and his wife Komang have food laden on the table…chopping board, knives, bowls and the single burner gas cooker. Away we go…chopping, slicing and cooking up a storm. A feast of wonderful, fresh Indonesian food. Mie goreng, sweet corn fritters, chicken satay, fried rice and gado gado…with the best peanut sauce! Ever! If you are looking for a day that gets you closer to the real Bali community like I experienced, I highly recommend Made Kabyoet. Thank you Made for giving us a memorable experience in your beautiful country and of your way of life." Blessings, Jo

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